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For the best financial options to satisfy your needs, come to us.

Financing is available for:
  • Working Capital
  • Acquisition(s)
  • Managed Care Opportunities
  • Expansion
  • Equipment and Computer Leasing
  • Construction or Remodeling
  • Purchasing or Refinancing Homes
  • Purchasing Offices or Condominiums, or Other Health Care Facility
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Starting a Practice
  • Network Development
  • Borrowing to Invest
  • The Sale of your Business
  • E-healthcare
Types of financing include:
  • Equipment Sale and Leaseback
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Mortgage
  • Credit Lines
  • Equipment Leases
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100% tax deductible payments
110% financing
Very quick approval

Terms and interest change with market conditions and type of financing. Competitive. Low.

We are the small business professional's source for all financing needs.
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